London Property Valuations

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London Property Valuations

The Physical In-Person Property Valuation Process

To provide an accurate and current London property valuation, Holimpia Lettings and Property management will gather details about your home. Moreover, this includes the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, reception rooms and whether the property is a detached, semi-detached or terraced home. In addition, Holimpia Lettings and Property Management will factor the age of the property, the gross internal living area, any upgrades and improvements, and condition of outside space if applicable. The more data Holimpia Lettings and Property Management is able to gather on a property, the more accurate your estimates will be.


How Accurate Are Agent-Performed Evaluations?

An in-person property valuation by property letting specialist Elda Bregu allows her to provide you a more accurate valuation of your property, verses using the automated AI property valuation process. The automated AI property valuation is a great option, but online tools cannot physically see the condition of home or know whether any improvements have been made.

An in-person property valuation will allow property valuation specialist Elda Bregu to physically assess the unique condition of your property. In addition, Elda will be able to access developments that have been made to the property including decorations. All these factors can have an affect on how much a property is worth, and only an in-person valuation will be able to take these factors into account.

Elda Bregu with Holimpia Lettings and Property Management will never charge a fee to provide you with an in-person property evaluation.

Why Perform a Property Valuation?

A London property valuation is an invaluable tool that provides Landlords with a professional opinion on the value of their property. Regardless whether you are looking to rent or sell your property, property valuation specialist Elda Bregu will inform you of the precise value of your property.

Obtaining a professional property valuation of your London property will help you understand the value of your property within your local market. It’s important to consider the age, size, and condition of your property along with local area rates and other important factors.

Following the conclusion of obtaining these details of your property, Holimpia Lettings and Property Management will utilise our extensive knowledge of the local London market. Moreover, by sourcing various comparable properties that are similar in structure and have been bought or sold in the same area over the past few months.

Finally, Elda Bregu with Holimpia Lettings and Property Management will conclude an independent assessment on the market value of your property.

At Holimpia Lettings and Property Management, we always recommend that a private property valuation is requested whenever one purchases a home and requires an independent assessment on a property’s worth.


Red Book Valuation
A set of guidelines designed for all forms of private valuation.

Help to Buy Valuation
This is a legal obligation for any homeowner looking to expand on their ownership on a Help to Buy Property.

Shared Equity Valuations
If you’re an individual looking to buy or sell shares or pay back a loan – this is a great option for you.

Probate Valuations
Usually required after a bereavement to help divide an estate between the remaining inheritors.

Reinstatement Costs Assessments
The full costs involved in rebuilding your property should be renewed every 5 years of after major works are completed.

Secured Lending Valuations
This specific valuation is required by financial institutions to determine whether your loan will be secure.

Capital Gains Tax Valuations
A valuation required whenever a residential asset is being sold or disposed of.

Remote Valuations
This valuation doesn’t require a physical inspection. Instead the surveyor will value your property from their desk. It’s usually the fastest way to receive an independent valuation for your home.

For the most accurate property valuation, contact Elda Bregu to schedule your complimentary and comprehensive property valuation. Or if you’re in a hurry, click our Instant Valuation button below and receive a free AI-Generated report within seconds.