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London Property Management Services & Pricing

Holimpia Lettings and Property Management is qualified to assist landlords with the management of their properties. We have a proven track record in guiding first-time landlords through the vast array of day-to-day property management requirements. Conversely, our years of dedicated property management experience will ensure that landlords who are experienced in property lettings only receive bespoke, personalised property management services.

Proper Property Management Maximizes Profits Whilst Keeping Maintenance Costs Low

The property management process begins with curating an accurate rental valuation of the subject property. At Holimpia Lettings and Property Management, we know the

nuances and intricacies of properly managing a letting. Experienced property management reduces landlord overhead but perhaps more importantly, frees-up valuable time for the landlord.

London landlords have a lot to contemplate when letting their property. However, Holimpia Lettings and Property Management makes the process seamless and stress-free. We provide a range of landlord property management services designed for every budget.

Limited Let-Only Services

Limited Service – Massive Results
7.2% including VAT

We understand that some landlords enjoy managing their own properties. It’s their livelihood and they find it enjoyable. We get that.  With that said, Holimpia Lettings and Property Management has designed an affordable property management service that lifts the burden of the day-to-day tasks. In turn, landlords have more time to do things they really love doing… like buying more investment property! 😉

Holimpia Lettings & Property Management London

Standard Management Services

We Do The Work So You Don’t Have To
9.6% including VAT

Busy landlords need a professional property management team they can rely on any time of the day or night. Holimpia Lettings and Property Management treats every property as if it were their own. As a result, we strive to stay ahead of possible issues by getting ahead of problems before they occur. Let us relieve some of the daily tasks for you today.

Enterprise Management Services

You Live Your Life – We Live To Manage
13.2% including VAT

Our managed property service provides landlords with peace of mind as we will handle nearly every aspect of managing your investment property. In addition to providing the basics of our limited let-only package, Holimpia Lettings and Property Management will field maintenance, repair and services; provide quotes if required, holding of keys on a key safe, plus much more. We handle everything.

Premium Management Services

We Bow To You – Bespoke Service At Its Finest
15.6% including VAT

Our Premium Property Management Service provides total and complete management of your property. Even before a tenant contacts us, we have prepared a package designed specifically towards the tenant who matches your property perfectly. Our bespoke premium property management services are custom tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Whether we are managing a block of posh luxury flats or a single quaint terraced home, our premium property managed services will ensure that your tenants receive as much attention and care as we devote to managing your property.

Premium Short-Let Service

Give Us Your Keys – We’ll Give You Your Life
27% including VAT

Holimpia Lettings and Property Management will manage your short-term letting on websites such as,, and also As a result, your short-term let will receive maximum exposure to help you obtain consistent bookings at the highest price possible.